Daily Creative: What do you dream about doing?

By Erica

What idea, dream, book, project, plan or business do you dream about making happen?  What niche are you designed to fulfill?  What dream do you keep so hidden within that you haven’t even given it words?  What burning desire is just waiting to be set free?

You know it’s there.  We all have something we are dreaming of doing.  The problem is… we wait for someday, or just don’t even give our dreams enough worth to bring them to the light and take action on them. 

What is keeping you from setting this dream to wings?  Just what if you set it free and it came true?  Just what would happen if your wildest dream came true? 

What if?  What if you opened it, gave it a name, nurtured it and it became real?

Don’t let it collect dust any longer, open your dream, set it free… and watch it fly.  I dare you….

Watch and listen to the talented Kelly Corrigan read “I dare you”.  The inspiration for today’s thoughts. 

Kelly Corrigan on youtube

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