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With the Midwest currently stuck in a deep-freeze, I am very thankful that I spend most of my days working on wonderful things for the inside of the home!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is browse through fabrics.  I am drawn to the colors and patterns initially, but I am very much a “touch and feel” girl… not being able to fully “experience” the fabric until I have felt it’s hand.   The drape of linens, the softness of luxurious wools, the cool touch of a crisp cotton, they all bring me joy.  I love being able to pull not only the perfect patterns for a project, but being able to incorporate the perfect touches to the space really matter as well.

So many of the fabric showrooms are introducing new fabric lines at this time of year, I wanted to show you some of the new patterns, colorways, and looks that are being introduced… I just feel bad you can’t actually “touch” them!


Bedding, drapery panels, pillows, upholstery, roman shades, bench cushions, table linens, walls… think of any place you have fabric in your home and think of the makeover possibilities!

With the enormous selection of fabrics out there- including velvets, printed batiks, ombre wools, raised embroidery, and watercolor silks, the possibilities are exciting!



Do some browsing on your own and let me know by commenting, what fabrics grab your eye and what you’re inspired to use them on!

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New Routines?

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Have you implemented any new changes/routines in your life this year?

Are you interested in creating a more balanced life, adding an healthy routine, learning to cook, reading more, spending more time with your children, keeping your finances in budget, renovating your home, or taking a few classes?

I don’t personally believe in “New Year’s Resolutions”, I feel they tend to be changes we wish we would make in our lives, but are end up just that- wishes.  I prefer that the changes in our lives be made at anytime through-out the year and are something we are passionate about so that the changes can stick, improve our lives, and grow us.

What motivates you to make a change?  What motivates you to maintain that change over a long period of time?  What causes you to stop actively making that change?

A few popular ways to make a change that sticks with our lives and routines include:

1.  Create specific goals.

Ex: If you are looking to add a healthy routine you might:  schedule time to walk with a friend 3 times per week and take a nutrition class.

2. Create “do-able” change.

Ex: To spend more time with your children:  Plan to spend Sat mornings making breakfast together and read or play games together 2 evenings per week. 

3. Learn from those who went before you:

Ex: Planning a renovation?  Contact friends, co-workers and family who have done this before and get advice and information from what they learned in the process.

4.  Get support.

Ex:  If you are trying to have a better work/life balance: buddy up with a friend or your spouse to cheer each other on and offer support. 

Change is a part of life.  Growth requires change.  So embrace the ways that you can bring new energy and quality of life to your daily routines.  Because when changes are made by creating goals, planning, and with passion behind them, they are changes that stick in our lives.

So, jump on here and leave comments as to what changes you are making and how you are moving forward with those changes!

My best as you make changes to you life this 2012.

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The countdown is on…with only a few days left before we celebrate Christmas.

Are you rushing about, feeling stressed, short on patience and still have a mile-long “to-do” list?  It’s time to step back and change our perspective. To breathe and to center our hearts.

It’s not about the gifts, the perfect decorations, or holiday parties.

It’s not about elaborate dinners, the crowds at the mall, or living up to expectations we have set.

It’s not about things.

It’s about love, people, and the one gift that saved the world…Jesus.

It’s about sacrificial giving, showing love to those who seem to deserve it the least, and sharing what we have with those who are in greater need.

It’s reaching out to those who have wronged us, making time for those we love and hold dear, and searching our hearts for how we can make a difference not only during the days of Christmas, but all year long.

It’s not only showing love, but being love.

Christmas is love in action.  Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  May your hearts be so full that you have no option but to share that fullness.  May the blessings that you have been given be those with which you bless others.

He chose bread to feed us.

Water to wash us.

A baby to save us.

God uses the ordinary for His greatest work.

May He bless you and make your “ordinary” life a blessing to others.

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Happy Fall!

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Hello All… Happy Fall!

I don’t think I have posted a welcome fall post, so I think this will be it!  Fall is (one of) my favorite seasons.  (In the spring it’s spring, but in the fall it’s fall!)   But in honoring all the things that I love about fall, I wanted to share some inspiring images with you to make you feel the crisp air, celebrate the vibrancy of the turning leaves and the nesting that occurs as the temps turn colder. 










As you move into this new season we are in, take a moment to celebrate what you love about fall.   Because that’s what one of the things life is really about isn’t it?  Being grateful for each moment and realizing that the small things are the big things. 







Set some time aside for doing the things that bring you comfort and serve others.  Make a cake, press some leaves, light some candles, carve a pumpkin… most of all…spread joy.


Stop by and let me know what your favorite thing about fall is and how you plan to celebrate!


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Creative Connection Event 2011!

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Yes!  This is where I will be later this coming week.  Will you join me?

Some classes are full, but there are openings still available….

The Creative Connection Event is 3 days packed full of  inspiration, creative businesses, women and so much passion for their craft … you will come away thoroughly inspired. The collaboration of Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano, it has attracted some of the biggest names in the business for Keynote Speakers, Class Instructors and Attendees alike.  Last year was the 1st Annual Event, which I also attended and it was just fantastic.  I met so many creative, wonderful women.

It will be held at the Crowne Plaza in St Paul.  So please head on over to the link and register yourself for 1, 2 or all 3 days.  When you do, leave me a comment so I will know you’re attending and we can hook up at some point.

So… come get your creative on and join me!



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